Nothing beats that Sunday morning when you can wake up, grab a coffee, and feel excited to start the day. Ideally, we should have that same feeling the very next morning on Monday — but unfortunately we don’t.

Welcome to Monday Views.

Personal growth and your outlook on life are not mutually exclusive.

So what does it take to improve both? It starts with getting advice. But not just any advice, because we know people are capable of providing complete crap.

I find that generally, people who dispense some pretty awesome advice in the self-development realm fall into two categories:

  • They take themselves a bit too seriously.
  • They provide some really fluffy content – the kind where you think you deserve the same trophy as 1st place for just trying.

Let’s lighten the mood a bit, shall we? What’s the point of living life if you can’t have fun with it?

Advice about life should be practical, efficient, and yes, light-hearted.

Can you take a guy like this seriously?

You should, because I look cool posing for the shot.

My purpose here is to provide you with unfiltered, practical advice that hopefully sparks something within you and gets you to work on changing your outlook on life. Because it’s generally not Mondays that suck, it’s your outlook on life, love, your job, and a multitude of other things. Which brings me to…

Wondering about the site name?

If the very beginning wasn’t clear enough, let me explain a bit further. By now, Mondays make people shiver. Monday, poor innocent Monday; guilty by association with the start of the work week. Sitting for 8 hours at a job you don’t give a shit about. Counting down the hours and waiting for the weekend, yet ultimately complaining how life goes by too fast.

Really, it’s not Mondays that suck. And that Sunday morning vibe, that view that everyone always cherishes and talks about with their cup of coffee? Or that Friday evening after work feeling? You should feel the same on Mondays.

That is the ultimate test on whether you’ve achieved an authentic, purposeful-driven life.