10 Things That Aren’t Worth It In 2019

2019 rolled around faster than you could say “this year sucked”, and now you’re in the thick of trying to figure out what the hell you need to do. All this talk about goals, resolutions, #newyearnewme, and swearing off bad vices has you in a tizzy. Like, where do you even start?

First off, take a deep breath — having a shift in your mindset is a good thing. That’s step one. Step two is actually implementing all these changes.

But before we go all hardcore in ’19 and start implementing goals we’ll probably drop within five weeks, there’s something else you should (need to) consider.

As much as getting started on new goals is good, it’s also crucial to get rid of bad ones. Some stuff, as you’re well aware, just isn’t worth it.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things which just aren’t worth your effort or time.

How did I come up with these 10? Let’s just say I tried to pick things which all of us are guilty of at some point. If any of these resonate with you, welcome to the club. You’re in good company.

1. Burning Bridges

The world is smaller than you think. I get it, you probably despise some people, especially those you work with. In fact, hearing your boss’s name probably makes your skin crawl. You’d pay top dollar to have the chance to give them a piece of your mind with no repercussions.

Sometimes it’s fun to fantasize about going out in a blaze of glory like you see in the movies, but then what?


Movies are movies; when the credits roll, it’s over. Besides, it was fake anyway.

It would be super cool to pull off the scene in Half Baked where Scarface gets on the mic at his fast-food job and tells four different people to “fuck themselves” before leaving.

It would be super cool, of course, until one of those managers you told to fuck off was the hiring manager at a job you really want a couple years later.

2. Being With The Wrong Person

People are capable of telling themselves the right things in order to achieve their wildest dreams. It’s amazing what we can accomplish with the right mindset. Just look at all the success stories out there for your evidence.

But when it comes to relationships, we’re first in line to tell our own brains it’s OK we’re with the wrong person. You know they’re wrong. They know they’re wrong. You’re both in what’s affectionately known as denial.

You’re only slowing yourself down in finding the right person and in finding your true path in life if you spend your energy on the wrong person.

3. Being in a Miserable Career

The longer you’re stuck in a shitty job, the longer it’ll take you to find the right one. It’s really as simple as that. So what’s stopping you from making a change? Is it the money? Probably. Is it fear? Probably.

Trust me, I know this first-hand.

I spent years in a bad career. And then a few more years trying to tough it out, convincing myself it was me, not the job. Then at some point, I burned out. I’m now on my second career. Is it the career I’ll end up retiring with? Probably not.

All I know is I’m years behind schedule in finding the best career for me because I was too scared to make any moves at the time.

4. Living Outside Your Means

Want to impress someone? Instead of flashing them some materialistic goods, flash them a smile which shows you’re truly happy in a career you love, or with someone that’s right for you.

Rolling up in a car you couldn’t afford if you lost your job won’t do you much good in the long term. It actually won’t even do you much good in the short term.

Nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life if you can afford them comfortably.

Key word: comfortably.

5. Not Setting Goals

You don’t have to set goals, but you’ll float through life. As carefree as it sounds, it’s not good.

A raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean doesn’t stand much of a chance finding land. I mean sure, there’s always a chance it can, but you’re at the mercy of winds, water levels, rain, currents, and many other things. If you do end up finding land, you’re gonna be one tattered up human being.

Life ain’t much different — you can float, but you’re at the mercy of whatever’s thrown at you. You might get lucky and hit land, but it’ll be a long time…and there’s no guarantee. You’re better off shipping a note inside a bottle and hoping someone finds it.

6. Judging Everyone All The Time

If you’re that worried about what someone else is doing, or what someone else is saying, you should look into becoming a judge at a local contest of your choice. They always need volunteers. Save the extreme judging for a situation like that.

In your daily real life, cut it out with the extreme judging all the time for some of the most ridiculous shit known to man.

Worry about yourself.

7. Worried About Other People’s Opinions

When you get asked to choose a superpower if you had the choice, what’s a common answer you can think of? Does it go something like “I wish I could read people’s minds!”If it does, take a step back and realize what you’re asking for.

Trust me, you don’t want this. It’s better you don’t know what others are thinking about you. Because inevitably, people are going to judge and they’re going to judge you hard. It’s just who we are as humans, and as much as I say to stop judging so much, most people won’t cooperate with it.

If you always knew what they really thought, you’d be paralyzed and you’d need skin thicker than a bulletproof vest.

8. Treating Others Like Trash

If you’re capable of treating other humans like trash, especially those you don’t know, you should stop for a second and think about it. If you talk down on people, yell at them, or demean them, then I have one thing to say:

Fuck you.

There’s no place in this world for that. Everyone is dealing with shit in their life. If you could see a little cartoon bubble above everyone’s head, which listed their top three biggest problems in life, you’d barely walk a block before realizing how good you have it.

Yeah, even you with all your problems. Because you’ve got some, too. Everyone does.

No need to take it out on anyone else.

9. Being Jealous

If feelings of jealousy are raging within you like a group of teenagers at an underground rave, take a deep look at yourself.

Insecurity is a bitch. It’s probable you harbor some, which are coming out through someone else’s success or actions.

If you get jealous someone suddenly becomes extremely successful, it’s not them that’s the problem; they did nothing wrong. It’s your own feelings of unworthiness bubbling up. You’re probably insecure with your career choices, amongst other things.

When you’re stable and secure with what you’re doing, watching someone close to you rocket their way to success should be motivating and exciting, not a reason for jealousy.

10. Spending All Your Time Reading About What To Do And Not Doing It

Take these lists, and all you read this year, with a grain of caution.

It’s easy to get caught up and read 10,000 things you should be doing this year to improve your outcome. Soak it in to get ideas, but honestly, the best you can do is focus on making changes in your life through action.

You can read all day long about what you “should” do, but until you do it…nothing changes.

It’s called entertainment if you enjoy reading it but do nothing else. Don’t fall into the entertainment category.

Go out and kick some ass.

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