You shouldn’t dread Mondays.

You sit down Monday morning, and something just doesn’t feel right.

Why? It’s a complicated question; if you had the answer you know you’d be holding a winning lottery ticket. But chances are you hate going to work, sitting for 8+ hours at a job you don’t enjoy. There’s a total lack of fulfillment in your life, one of those gaping holes with a huge void. Whether it comes from an unsatisfactory career or a not-so-stellar view of yourself, they’re all intertwined. Your job just isn’t doing it for you. But you also know you’ve got some stuff to figure out about yourself, too.

This is where Monday Views comes in. We’re a site dedicated to helping you with career advice if you’re looking to change careers, pivot, or find a side hustle. But we know it starts within yourself. This means we also provide personal development advice as it relates to getting the most out of your career. If you think about it, professional and career success is closely related with personal development. One is limited by the other, and Monday Views is dedicated to bringing both of them up to speed so you can excel in all areas of life.

Whether you want to change into an entirely new career, pivot into a role better suited for you, or explore ways to get more fulfillment in your free time, we’re here to help.

We bring you helpful advice and articles revolving around changing careers and personal development for those wanting more out of life. For those who want their view of Monday to be awesome, not mediocre.

We can all agree Fridays are awesome, and therefore we want you to consistently chase the Friday feeling on a Monday. Only then will you know your Monday Views are looking good.