We fall into an easy trap. The glasses that we see the world through, the ones that are unique to us (and only us), are what we expect others to be viewing their world through, too. This is obviously a thought process that must be consciously avoided. Why? Let me explain.

What is it about our intentions that make us think we’re portraying it to the outside world? Why is it assumed that what we’re thinking inside, what we feel we are portraying, is what everyone sees?

As you’d probably guess, this isn’t really how the world works. We get wrapped up in our own head and forget that not everyone can read our mind. And by everyone, I mean no one. The reality is no one can read your mind. No one knows what you really want. No one knows that you really meant A when instead you did B. No one knows anything about you. What they do know is based on your actions; in other words, you have to show them who you are. So if your actions don’t line up with your intentions, that’s the easiest reason why you’re left wondering why people don’t view you in the way you want.

You Are Your Actions, Not Thoughts

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are your thoughts.” Absolutely, under one big stipulation — talking about yourself. But to others, you are your actions. Not your thoughts.

So what’s the innate difference between actions versus intentions? If you plant an idea in your head on what you want to do, that’s an intention. If you actually execute on it, that’s your action. Which one sounds like the outside world would know about who you are?

Keep in mind this discussion has nothing to do with improving your first impression; that’s a whole other topic. This is about who you are on a consistent basis, day to day, with those who have come across your path more than once.

So if you know deep down that you’re a caring, contributing, selfless person, maybe it’s time to help people through volunteer opportunities. If you know you want to change careers or run your own business, then prove it – do it. Talk is cheap. And fantasizing will only reward you with wasted time.

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