Alright here’s the deal an effort to streamline a more consistent schedule, expect a regular post fresh in your inbox (and on this site of course) by Monday morning. You know, just in time for EVERYONE’S FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK. After a couple friends suggested posting on a Monday because, well, it is called Monday Views…it only made sense.

All jokes aside, I want to walk a bit off the beaten path from my regular postings and dive a bit into the purpose of this site again, in case you lovely folks haven’t quite soaked it in (or for those who are new and are too lazy to click the “About” page).

The idea behind the name and branding of this site is simple: I want people to start viewing Monday, or really any day of the week, as having all the same feeling. In other words, it shouldn’t matter if it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday – every day is an equal opportunity employer and ends with a “y”, so why treat them any differently?

Most people are miserable on Sundays and into Mondays, simply because they’re caught between a rock and a hard place. You have to make a living because we’ve all got responsibilities, but you’re also doing it at something you just honestly don’t care about. So like I always say and you’ve likely seen out’s probably not Mondays that suck, it’s your job. Hence the name, Monday Views. Your view of Monday should be similar to how you view Friday.

If you’re struggling to sit there and understand how I can make it sound so easy, I don’t blame you. Because it’s not, and I’m the first to admit it. I’ve been “stuck” at jobs before, I know how the corporate grind works. I know it’s not easy to just walk away from whatever you’re currently doing when a) you have to pay the bills and b) you don’t even know what you want to do with your life.

But here’s what separates the men from the boys, so to speak. While a lot of us feel uneasy and know there’s more in life than just 9 to 5 and a paycheck every two weeks, it’s the ones who begin questioning things through exploration that inevitably make the biggest leaps over time. Intention without action is just that…purely intention. Nothing changes if you don’t change anything. And to change something, you have to take action.

What is that action? Anything from small to big. Reading an article. Reading a book. Taking a class. Talking with others in areas you’re interested in. Networking. Moving cities. Trying something completely new. Finding hobbies. They’re all actions, in varying forms of intensity.

I look forward to seeing YOU take action in life. Go get what’s yours, and focus on yourself. Be selfish, in a good way. Run YOUR race, not someone else’s. Your life goes on your time, and no two people are the same. Ready, set, break. Go get ’em, tiger.



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