Let’s face it, Mondays usually suck.

Why? People hate going into work, sitting for 8 hours at a job they despise. But reality is, your outlook on Monday should be positive. So really, it’s not Mondays that suck, it’s your job that sucks. And your Monday view should be awesome.

And here’s where I’m supposed to list out my qualifications I think.

– I’m human and have a never ending stream of thoughts.

– I’ve failed at many things, from jobs to relationships. Not only that, but I didn’t always learn my lesson the first time I failed, so I failed at the exact same thing again. And again. And sometimes again, until it became laughable.

– I’ve read some books about personal development, spiritualness, and self-help.

– I’ve attended some seminars/retreats surrounding meditation, personal development, and spiritualness.

– I’m great at writing.

– I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld (the show about nothing) multiple times. I’m convinced that any situation in life can be equated in some way to a Seinfeld episode. I’ve never been proven wrong thus far.

“But wait, that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Why should I listen to your opinions?”

Truth is, you don’t have to. But without sounding desperate, I think you should. I’m just a regular guy who has surrounded himself with the right people and right knowledge to bring about a great sense of awareness in what we call life. My unique perspectives, satirical and opinionated at best, are meant to help you, be it a laugh, a light bulb, or your frustration at how much you’re reading about yourself in these pages.

People close and far have been telling me two things: I’m good at providing unique perspectives, and I’m really good at writing.

If I could just help you see things a bit differently.

Or waste your time with my ramblings.