Three Things For Your Sunday Routine to Kick The Week’s Ass

If you were to run a 100 meter sprint against another person who was faster, more adept, and more athletic than you, you’d probably lose (unless they cramp up or something). And by probably, I mean you’d lose.

Now if you were to race this same person, but have an agreed upon fair 75 meter head start, chances are you’d probably win (unless now you cramp up or something).

Which would you go with? Starting at the same line, or getting a huge head start?

Think of this race as you versus your upcoming week. In other words, do you start Monday morning lined up with the week and just run, only to see things fall apart pretty quickly? Or do you implement a routine ahead of time and get a running start, so you can stay one step ahead?

Life is savvy – it’s no doubt smarter, faster, and most importantly doesn’t slow down for you. If you want to have a shot at it before it overtakes you, you’ve got to get a head start.

And it starts the day before. There’s nothing more important than starting your week off right, and here’s three things you can do during your Sunday routine to whoop the week’s ass.

Reflect on Your Accomplishments and Shortcomings 

Before you can begin focusing on the upcoming week and how you’ll completely dominate it, you need to pause and spend a bit of time looking back at how the week just went.

Chances are you accomplished some of what you wanted to (daps my man) but also fell short in other areas (this is completely normal). Taking note of the accomplishments is a good mental boost, but spending some time pinpointing the shortcomings will allow you a chance to adjust.

What exactly is “adjust”? We are creatures of habit. Sometimes (a lot of times), we are so stuck in a routine or habit that it’s nearly impossible to actively realize what we’re doing or what we need to change. So at the end of the week, you’ll see where you didn’t quite accomplish what you set out to.

Now figure out why. Was it laziness? Lack of interest? Your habit of flipping on the TV after coming home? A few last minute emergencies? The latter is life – it just happens and you can’t put too much weight on it because stuff will always come up. The first three though – if you don’t adjust, nothing will change and you’ll get the same results.

Set Your Intention(s)

Think of your intentions as tied in to your goals. In fact, they’re basically interchangeable. Long-term goals are broken down into shorter-term goals at various stages. For instance, if you have a one-year goal, you’ll need to break that down into monthly goals, and then weekly and daily goals. You follow?

Figure out what exactly you’re trying to work towards this week, and before you actually begin breaking out the daily stuff (see below), you’ll want to know what your overarching goal(s) is/are. This article isn’t about how to set goals, but here’s a hint: what do you want to accomplish in life? What are your passions? What are thing you want to say you’ve done?

Set them, and stick with them.

Plan Out Your Week

Get a planner. Start planning.

How much you plan is up to you. If you’re Type A, you’ll probably plan it down to the hour, giving each activity a set amount of time. If you’re Type B, you probably leave the entire thing blank, and hence why you’re reading this article. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

You’ve got seven days to fill, working around what you set as your goals/intentions and your other responsibilities. For most of us, responsibilities mean a full-time job, school, kids, wife/husband (or partner), family, hobbies, and more. If you’re single, you get a little slack here because no one is breathing down your neck. This is a blessing.

With a Sunday routine in place, you’re setting yourself up for owning the week. With a proven plan in place, you’re simply making sure that you aren’t using your other responsibilities as an excuse for why you can’t accomplish what you want.

How's your focus and self-discipline?

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