Need Some Monday Motivation? Try These Simple Things In The Morning

The struggle is real.

You’ve got to get up, get your shit together, and drive to work. You can think of 3,243 things you’d rather be doing as you sit in your cubicle, watching the steam flicker off the top of your morning coffee like the inflatable air dancers in front of mattress shops and used car dealerships. As you sit there and contemplate your life, knowing you regretted following your parent’s pressure to graduate with an accounting or engineering degree, it dawns on you that there’s a better way. In fact, you know there’s a better way.

Fear not, you eager beaver. With a few slick tips to get you rocking on a Monday morning, you can shut that little voice up that says “why are you even an accountant, Gary”.

Look, you can pretend you’re doing alright, but when you feel like calling in dead to work, it’s time to shuffle priorities.

Get A New Job 

Ok, this doesn’t really qualify as a tip to get your Monday motivation fired up, but it’s still a valid point.

Remember kids: it’s not your Mondays that suck, it’s your job (most times). Next time you’re out and about on a week day morning, take a minute and notice just how miserable everyone basically looks as they shuffle to and from their jobs. Depressed yet? Don’t be.

Mainly, don’t be one of them.

Make the most of your time here, and find something you enjoy. End of story.

Get a Routine

Sliding into a routine is one of the easiest and best ways to increase motivation, decrease bullshit, and crank up the self-discipline. You’re too old to get up after hitting snooze four times, brushing your teeth, throwing some clothes on, and heading out the door to your job all in the span of 20 minutes.

But dude, I brush my teeth! That’s part of a routine!

Then I must ask: do you always find ways to cheat? I don’t count brushing teeth because technically you’re supposed to do it. As in it’s like part of your health.

When I say routine, I mean things that you can do that most people don’t.

Examples? Here are a few:

  • Stretch
  • Cold shower
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Journal
  • Read
  • Plan your day
  • A crap ton of other things

Get creative. And with that said, let’s address some of the above.


“I’m already flexible enough” said no one ever. Well, except for maybe gymnasts.

You probably aren’t a gymnast, which means you could benefit from a little stretchy-stretch. Not only does it help with flexibility (this is obvious), but it helps get you going in the morning by loosening you up, getting the blood flowing, and causing you immense pain when you realize you aren’t flexible worth a shit.

If you also work out in the mornings, you can think of this as your little warm up before you lift or whatever you do for exercise.


Look man, I know it’s a workout in itself hitting snooze four times in a row and you’re probably wondering why your arm isn’t sore from it.

But if you can master the alarm slap, you should consider working out in the morning. There are an absolute crap-ton of reasons why it’s technically the better option compared to working out in the evenings.

If you’re too lazy to click the link, here’s a few:

  1. Burns fat
  2. Increases focus
  3. More accountability (you won’t skip your workouts as much)
  4. You won’t be fighting for gym equipment because there’s less people there.

We all hate that last one so much.

Cold Shower

I tout this all the time.

It sucks getting in, especially during the winter. It really doesn’t get any better the longer you do it, either. I’m sure you loved hearing that.

But once you’re in, it’s tolerable. Mainly, taking cold showers can do a few things:

  1. Help tighten and improve the skin.
  2. Wake you up big time (this is the biggest one for me).
  3. Give you more time (because when ice water is smothering you, you want to be done as soon as possible).
  4. Gives you more energy.
  5. Strengthens immunity

Flu season, anyone?


The studies are plentiful, the evidence is far from anecdotal, and the consensus is clear: meditation helps. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’m a huge proponent of it. Like, big time.

Do I really need to address it?

See here, here, and here.


This one might throw you in a loop, because you’re probably thinking it requires a candle, a feather, and a bottle of ink. Or if you’re not convinced we’re living in the early 1700’s, you’re probably writing this one off because you don’t have the time to write a novel per page per day.


I use what’s known as the 5 Minute Journal method.

In the morning, you write down three things you’re grateful for (sky is the limit here), three things that would make today awesome (can be anything), and a potential intention for the day. Then in the evening, before bed, write down three awesome things that happened that day (it could match your initial list in the morning or it doesn’t have to) and something that would have made the day better.

Voila, five minutes. Kind of the reason why it’s called the 5 Minute Journal.

Desk setup.
A hipster’s dream journal setup: thick black glasses, a typewriter, and wood.

See? That Wasn’t Bad

You can now delay complaining about your life until Tuesday.

Just kidding.

I sincerely hope that these tips provide you with a better roadmap, giving you reasons why you truly are capable of not hating your life, your job, and your existence.



How's your focus and self-discipline?

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